Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Autorickshaw

Driving  in Chennai has been  a challenge, especially while driving  my scooter. Most car drivers consider two wheeler, a nuisance they have to deal with on the road. Two wheelers include motorbikes(mostly 100- 250 cc),  scooters which make up for more than 70 % of the vehicles on the road. The Autorickshaw is a motorised version of traditional  rickshaw and is probably the most common mode of hired transportation in Indian cities. Its not the most comfortable ride , but widely available and  for extra payment would be willing to take as many as 4 or 5 adults. Its quite common to see 8-10 school children travelling together in  a single autorickshaw, after school returning home. There a picture of Ashwin/Priya going to school in an auto before we bought the scooter. In the other pics Ashwin and Priya were going to a mall called the Spencer's Plaza with their cousins.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Soccer League

Sundays are busy with church , getting ready for the week and Ashwin's soccer league.  The game today was one of the best and Ashwin scored 3 goals in a 6- 0 victory. The league should go on this early September and will keep you posted. To check their standing in the league you can check as well. Ashwin plays with the Tigers in the 7- 9 yr old group.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Priya's Birthday- Part 2

Later in the day we had a small party with a couple of Priya's friends from school and our neighbour Shiva joined us. Following some games we celebrated with the singing candle and snacks.
Later in the evening we had our relatives come over. Priya and Ashwin had fun playing with their cousins and their families. The singing candle made its appearance again, with the cake. And following the birthday song(the extended version) and eating, the party went on till  2245 hrs. 

Priya's Birthday

We were eagerly counting down to Priya's  birthday on August 2nd. Apart from the celebration, it reminded us that Leann's arrival here is imminent. As per the local custom Priya got to wear coloured clothes to school on Friday and distribute candy sweets to all the children in her grade and to her teachers. 
On her birthday we took part in a carnival at her school in the morning. There were a few games In the pics you can see Ashwin  playing a game where you use a tennis ball to bring down the tin cans which were placed on top of each other and shaped like a pyramid.