Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Periamalai (Big Hill)

About to head off on our hike

Priya in the kitchen.

Ashwin and a jackfruit tree!

At Lalbagh Gardens

Bengaluru palace, home to the Wodeyer family, former rulers of Mysore State

Last week we took a short break and headed to Periamalai, a village near Bangalore where Prabhu has been several times to help with a surgical camp. The SMART clinic there was founded and run by Dr Jeyachandran and provides free care to the residents of the nearby areas (many are tribal people) who would otherwise have very limited (if any) access to health care. Over the years the clinic as grown into a small hospital and apart from in addition to medical visits, surgical camps are conducted every 3 months or so.
We had a wonderful time in Perriamalai -Leann saw patients with Dr Jeyachandran and Dr Rohan, Prabhu assisted with some minor cases, Ashwin and Priya had fun playing in the cool fresh air, and we all went hiking in the nearby hills - and got caught in the most beautiful thunderstorm (outside of Minnesota) we'd ever seen. (the thunderstorm did cause a very small stream we had forded on the outbound leg of the hike to become a three foot deep torrent on the way back, which sucked the shoes right of Ashwin's feet, which was a little exciting!)
After two days in Perriamalai we spent a pleasant weekend in Bangalore, where we enjoyed getting to see our nephew /cousin Vijay. Bangalore bears the 'Garden City' title with pride. The world class Lal Bagh and Cubbon parks are oasis in an otherwise hectic urban landscape. We also enjoyed a great Japanese meal at Harima restaurant which included good Chimay beer( worth it even at 7 dollars, says Prabhu).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Report Card

On April 29th, 2009 the results of the annual exams were released at Jessie Moses School. Students and their parents go to meet the teachers and receive report cards. Ashwin did very well - he scored 100/100 in Math, English, Social Studies, Scripture, General Knowledge and Computer Science. He score 98/100 in Science and 92/100 in Tamil (which was a huge gain from early in the year). What a great acheivement for Ashwin. We as parents are very proud and Priya was also very happy for her brother! After picking up the report card we went out and celebrated with a mini tiffin meal at Hotel Saravana Bhavan .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Archana weds Vijay

With Archana's sister, Aarathi
Last Tuesday evening we had the honor of attending Archana and Vijay's wedding reception. For those blog followers who don't know, Archana Nagaraja is a second year resident in Internal Medicine who is doing her primary care clinic at my office. I was her preceptor until September when I decamped for Chennai. Archana's family is from Tamil Nadu, and she (and her twin sister) attended medical school here, so she and her fiance planned to come back here for their wedding. The reception was great fun. Ashwin and Priya especially enjoyed the clowns (a first at a wedding for us) and the band. The food was delicious, and of course the bride was ravishing and the groom very handsome. We had a wonderful time - here are some photos from the big day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

We would like to wish all of our blog followers a blessed, peaceful Easter (or Passover, or Spring). Thought you might like to see a picture of Ashwin, Priya, and their new friend Sneha (who moved in to the apartment across from ours a couple of weeks ago) coloring Easter eggs. We managed to find some food coloring at the store and the kids did a great job creating beautiful, original eggs! Sending Easter love to all of you!
Leann, Prabhu, Ashwin and Priya

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Congratulations Graduate

This Monday, Priya graduated from the nursery class at Jessie Moses School. We were all very proud of her - she had a great year, learned a lot, including some Tamil, and adapted very well to the academic culture in India. We were fortunate that Priya had a very kind and patient teacher, Mrs Rose Augustine, with whom she is pictured, above. At the graduation, she was selected to give the "vote of thanks" from the students to the teachers and staff, and she did a wonderful job. Congratulations Priya!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Early one morning a few weeks ago, Ashwin asked me why he was sweating even when he was standing still. I put my hand up and answered. Global warming. Thank you Al Gore, I said. Summer was always hot here, but now it's starting earlier. For the next 4 months the temperatures will be in the 35-40 degree C. range. If we are lucky we will have some rain in July and things will cool off a bit.
One thing everyone in South India looks forward to is that summer is mango season. Varieties like alphonso, banganpalli, malgova, neelam, rumani and Killemouku will flood the markets. Mangoes are just starting to come to market, so for now we have to be satisfied with watermelons (which are currently selling for 8rs/kg, or just about 7cents a pound). The photos of mango tree is the view from our bedroom window. Prabhu