Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Eagles

Bird watching is very popular in Malaysia. Langkawi is particularly well know for its eagle breeding areas. We were lucky to see so many eagles during our visit. Its a must stop for tourist, where you can see the eagles being fed. Mangrove vegetation occupy the whole coast line in that area. Interestingly, the eagles were fed chicken skin by fishermen for the eagle watching experience. Its a bird eat bird world out there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prabhu! Great pictures from
Malaysia - we are enjoying all of
them!! What a special trip - especially for your Father. The
eagles appear larger than the ones
of North America - are they a dark
brown in color? Our eagles have
returned for the winter and we
see them almost daily now.
with love, Naren and Don

kids in chennai said...

Thanks Naren. The eagles were of different colours- black with white, rust colour were the most common ones.

Sanjukta Das said...

This is a cool place. It looks a peaceful place to spend the holidays with the family.thanks a lot.......

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